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Ceramic Wirewound Resistors

Vitreous enamelled and Cement (Al2O3) coated.
Fixed or Adjustable, Round or Oval types, types with Solder- Screw- or Snap-On Terminals. Resistors with corrugated wire for extra high demands on surge or pulse load.

Danotherm Wirewound Resistors can be equiped with individual thermal models shown as electric circuits. With these it is possible when using i.e. P-SPICE to calculate the TEMPERATURE RISE during a specified load . You can either ask DANOTHERM to do a simulation or require the thermal model of your resistor to do the simulation yourself.

                          Thermal Model of wirewound resistor 

                           Thermal simulation of temperature rise of resistor

Tubular Resistors; Vitreous Enamelled
Power Rating 30 - 300W
Vitreous Enamelled resistors having excellent protection of resistor wires. All Vitreous Enamelled Resistors meet the IEC 68-2-3 56 days at 40°C and 92 % humidity. Ceramic body is made of Steatite C221 and terminals of FeNi. Terminals are prepared with lead free solder.  
Tubular Resistors; Cement Coated

Power rating 30 - 1000W:
Cement Coated (AlPO4) resistors sutable for high pulse load. 
Meet the IEC 68-2-3 21 days at 40°C and 92 % humidity. Ceramic body is made of Steatite C221 or Corderite C520 and terminals of FeNi. Solder terminals are prepared with lead free solder.  

Adjustable Resistors

All resistor types from 12mmØ - 30 mmØ and 55mmØ types with edge wounded flat wire can be supplied as adjustable resistors.

Oval Resistors

A large range of Oval Resistor Types from 30W to 800W including types with live terminals are available.

Snubber Resistors, Ceramic Wirewound

Ceramic vitreous or cement coated wirewound snubber resistors are available as normal wound or low inductance wound in round or oval types. All types are stable to DC Voltage

Power Resistors for PCB mounting

From traditional axial leads resistors to relatively large power resistors with nominal power from 3W to 120W.   

Ferrule Ended Oval Resistors

These oval shaped resistors have combined terminals and mounting brackets. They are constructed for mounting directly on current rails and other live points in power electronic plants.

Power ratings from 40W to 1000W 

Low Ohm Ceramic Resistor



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