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Heat Sink Resistors

Heat sink resistors achieve the fully load capability when the resistor is mounted on a heat sink.Traditional types are wirewound resistors mounted in aluminum profiles with an organic insulation material. This construction ensures an increasing wattage compared to the mechanical outlines and in the same a time low hot spot on the aluminum surface. These types are optimized to high average loads (including snubbers). The pulse load capability is relatively low due the small outlines and is limited by the organic insulation material. 
ALPHA Brake Resistors specialty the Flat Pack Types CCH and CDH will get an enlarged load ability when mounted on a heat sink. Since these types are constructed for pulse load they should be preferred in cases where pulse loads are expected.  
The Ohmega High Voltage Snubber Resistor shown on the picture is a heat sink resistor designed for mounting in a groove or in a hole in a heat sink.    



All-purpose Heat Sink Resistors

Terminals vertically
Power Range: 40W - 320W Steady state


Flat profile Heat Sink Resistors

Terminals horisontal

Power Range: 40W – 320W
Steady state.


HSCC Thick Film Heat Sink Resistors

POWER THICK FILM RESISTORS are supplied in a patented MODULAR construction. Suitable as balancing resistors in capacitor banks in frequency drives


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