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The increased need for frequency converters for control of speed and position of electro motors has lead to an increased demand for brake resistors. In order to meet this demand, Danotherm Electric A/S has developed a series of stable and mounting-friendly brake resistors for high pulse load.

Brake resistors are used to absorb the excess energy that  is generated  when a system is decelerated. This can involve long steady impulses in  lift applications or very high and short impulses from e.g. robots.

For All Environments and Requirements The resistors must be suited for various environments, ranging from dry lift shafts to outdoor asphalting machines. Thus, the requirements for the protection rating have been increased particularly in recent years, just as customers are more often asking for various approvals the UL in particular.

In order to be a total supplier of brake resistors for industrial applications we continuously improve and extend our existing aluminium compact Alpha resistors. All compact Alpha resistors are UL recognized and can meet the requirements of IP 65 or NEMA4 at request.

In All specified Lengths and  Protection Classes
The ALPHA resistors are constructed with wirewound resistor elements that are fixed in sand or aluminium oxide and  capsuled in aluminium profiles. This construction provides an efficient diversion of the heat from the resistance wires at the same time as it separates the brief, yet strong heating of the wire during the brake impulse itself from the outer surface of the resistor. Furthermore, the fixing of the wire in sand allows for the necessary thermal expansions during the impulses without damaging the construction.

The  ALPHA-resistors CCR, CBR and CBT have larger surfaces in the shape of fins and can be produced up to lengths of  1000 mm. The profiles are constructed so the aluminium cast mounting boxes can be mounted on the profiles, which means the required  protection class can be reached.

CCR, CBR and CBT can be delivered as individual components for resistance (UL Recognized) or as complete brake resistors with connecting boxes  up to IP65. The power areas range from 100W to 5kW on average charge and the impulse charges are typically 50 times  at 1 second and 10 to 20 times  at 10 seconds compared to the average carrying capacity. The new compact Alpha resistors CBS and CMQ are ideally suited for big pulse loads. One example is a pulse load capability of 17MJ during 5 seconds. The CBS and CMQ resistors have UL approval on the resistor profile elements.

Optimum and Well Documented Solutions
In order to find the optimum solution for a given application, Danotherm has developed thermal models that are  unique for each resistor. By using these models Danotherm can assist customers in choosing the most suitable resistor for a given application at the same time as clients can document their projects in advance.

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