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Adjustable Resistors 

Adjustable resistors are wirewound enameled or cement coated resistors with an open area along the resistirs where the resistor wire is un-coated.

All the Ceramic Wirewound Resistor Types except the Ø55 Types with normal round wire can be supplied as adjustable types. Extra tapping terminals can be supplied.

These resistors can be powered with about 65% of the corresponding nominal load of the fixed types.



Wirewound Power Resistors Datasheet



Power Range 12W - 235W (- 700W)
De-rating 100% PN @ 25°C - 80% @ 100 °C
Environmental -40°C - 110°C
Resistance Tolerance ± 10% (opt: ± 5%)
Dielectric Strength Look for Creepage distance
Protection class IP00
Max surface temperature 250 °C
Cooling media Air; Oil
Connection Solder; AMP; Screw; Cables
Climatic IEC 68-2-3 21 days

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