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Watercooled Resistors

Watercooled resistors are resistors cooled directly in water or indirectly via water-cooled heat sinks. If water-cooling is an option it is possible to make dynamic brake resistors with very high nominal load in a very compact construction.


Directly cooled are mostly based on steel tube resistors from the OHMEGA line. 
With this technology the resistor elements are mounted directly in water or water-glycol. In some cases the resistor wire can be mounted directly in de-ionized water achieving an ultra compact resistor construction.


The CBW is a new type of Water Cooled Brake Resistor. It combines the advantage of water cooling with the high pulse load ability of the traditional aluminium housed Alpha resistors. The CBW can easily be fitted into compact constructions and it is possible to stack several resistors close without distance when resistor banks are required.


WHB Wirewound Resistors are extremely compact compared to the power rating but require de-ionized water cooling.


ALPHA resistors can be cooled by mounting these on water cooled heat sinks. With this technology the average load can be doubled in the same time as the temperature rise on the surface is kept at a low value.  



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